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Responsible Use of Telephone Services

Use of all campus telephone resources is governed by university policies and codes as well as applicable federal, state, and local laws. All users of university resources are expected to be familiar with and abide by these regulations. To find out more...Read more

User Experience

My calls go directly to my voice mail, or to another extension; my phone never rings even once. What's wrong?

How to Solve this Problem

Check to be sure that Send All Calls or Call Forwarding is not active. You may need to clear both these features.

To...Read more

To park a call Depress switchhook. Dial 200 . Dial extension number where call is to be parked, or dial # if it is to be parked on the current number.

Note: If a busy signal is received, a call is already parked from this extension, so you...Read more

To dial a number from the system list (List 3) Dial *9 . (Hear dial tone.) Dial speed number. To dial a number from the group list (List 2) Dial *7 . (Hear dial tone.) Dial speed number. To dial a number from the personal list (List 1) Dial *8 . (...Read more

Automatic Callback also works if there is no answer. The next time the extension you wanted is used and then becomes free, your phone rings back.

To activate Depress switchhook. (Hear dial tone.) Dial *5 . (Hear dial tone.) Hang up within 6 seconds. To cancel...Read more
To activate Dial #3 . Dial 5-digit number. To accept a call when already on a call Dial #3 . Dial 5-digit number. To return to first caller Depress and hold switchhook until telephone rings.Read more
Works only if the extension is in a Call Coverage Group. Send All Calls overrides forwarding. To activate Dial #2 . (Hear confirmation tone.) To cancel Dial #6 . (Hear confirmation tone.)Read more
To activate Dial *2 . (Hear dial tone.) Dial 5-digit number. (Hear confirmation tone.)

Note : If the phone that you have forwarded to is unavailable, the call returns to the originating phone and follows that phone's coverage path (can include AUDIX in path)....Read more