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This phish typically originates from a non-Cornell account. The sender may appear as [user]>. Do not reply to the sender nor contact the email address in the body of the email. This is not a legitimate offer for employment. See Beware of Job and Internship Scams from Career Services.

Dear Student,

We're thrilled to share some exciting news with you. The renowned Bill Gates Foundation is offering an outstanding student internship program, and you have a unique opportunity to join as a data entry clerk. This remote position offers a weekly compensation of $450 and will provide you with valuable hands-on experience in technical skills, problem-solving, teamwork, and professionalism, benefiting your education at The Cornell University.

This internship is designed to be flexible, allowing you to set your own working hours. As a remote position, you can conveniently complete your tasks from the comfort of your home or campus, at any time that suits you. We welcome students from all departments of our institution to apply, creating a diverse pool of talents.

The main goal of this internship is to enhance your skills while also offering financial support to those who may be facing challenges with expenses, both on and off campus.

To express your interest and align with the Bill Gates Foundation's policy and the school's guidelines, please submit your response via email to Professor David Erickson at () Include your name, email, year of study, and department. Please be aware that available slots are limited, and acceptance will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage you to act promptly to secure your place in this esteemed internship program.Thank you for your enthusiastic interest, and we look forward to your response.

Office of the Registrar

Cornell University at New York
Ithaca, New York

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