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**IMPORTANT TASK: Cornell require [NetID] to complete due task before November 01, 2023**.

This phish typically originates from a non-Cornell account. The sender may appear as "Cornell Do-Not_Reply <[user]>". Do not reply to the sender nor scan the QR code. The QR code directs to a fake login page. If you entered your credentials into the form, change your NetID password immediately at
A fake Microsoft Planner notification with the heading "You have a task due scan Qr-Code to complete." with a QR code.
Hi [NetID] You have a task due. You have a task due scan Qr-Code to complete. In the plan Cornell Team Status linked to IT% Cornell > General (al October 31, 2023 View tasks in Microsoft To Do or Microsoft Planner To change your notification settings, go to Planner for web, choose the settings button in the top right, and then select Notifications. Learn more.

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