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Microsoft Office 365 Delve

This article applies to: Office 365 Productivity Bundle

Microsoft Delve helps Office 365 users stay aware of new and changing information most important to them. Delve analyzes what's been shared with an individual in Office 365, including SharePoint Online, and what the person is working on, and displays information customized with what is most important for that person to know. Delve provides new options for staying informed beyond bookmarking, scanning, and searching.

Delve acts as a constant searching agent on a person's behalf. It monitors Office 365 email, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Yammer, and OneNote. Delve only shows people documents that are theirs or that they've been provided access to, and could find themselves by conducting a search. It's possible for an individual to opt out. Details about how Delve respects document and communication privacy.

It is possible that documents in shared or open locations, for example a SharePoint Online site open to all Cornell employees, that rely on "security by obscurity" and being tucked away in hard-to-browse-to places, rather than sharing and access controls, could be more prominent in Delve. When working with documents that should have a limited audience, please set sharing to appropriate levels.

More information about Delve and how it can help you stay informed about relevant information.


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