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New Microsoft Teams logo

You can switch between new and classic Teams to explore the changes. 

If you are attempting to access classic Teams with your Cornell account on your personal devices or managed devices, and are unable to, put in a ticket with your primary Technical Support Provider.

Accountholders may see up to three different versions of Teams on their Windows devices:

  • Microsoft Teams - This is the personal version of Teams. Trying to sign into this version of the client will prompt an error: “You can’t sign in here with a work or school account. Use your personal account instead.” Faculty and staff can open Microsoft Teams for Work or School or click the option at the bottom to “Get Microsoft Teams (work or school)” if they don’t already have the app downloaded.
  • Microsoft Teams Classic (work or school) - This is the classic Teams.
  • Microsoft Teams for Work or School - This is the new Teams client and the app icon has the word “NEW” in it.

Everyone is encouraged to take this opportunity to try the new Teams.


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