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As reported by PCMag, a new scam is targeting LastPass account-holders. Scammers are making calls and texts, pretending to be LastPass employees. They are using sophisticated techniques to mimic LastPass branding, which can make their phishing attempts difficult to identify.

Protect your information and your LastPass account.

  • If you receive an unsolicited or unprompted phone call or text related to a recent attempt to change your LastPass password or account information, ignore it.
  • LastPass will never ask for your password. Neither will Cornell, for that matter. Never give anyone your password.
  • If you believe you’ve received suspicious calls, texts, or emails related to your Cornell LastPass account, please report them to and Submit a Service Request to the IT Service Desk.

Learn more from the LastPass blog and find up-to-date details on the phishing tactics being used in this ongoing campaign.



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