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Arrange for PeopleSoft Developer Access, Permits, and Permissions

This article applies to: Managing Vendors and Consultants

Security administrators have created PeopleSoft Developer roles for each instance. In the dev instances, Cornell PeopleSoft developers have full access. 

Task responsibility

Task details

Cornell University

  • Send a request to to grant Developer access, including Application Designer Access, for the NetID. Also request database access, via an Oracle database user account, with the following roles:

    • psdev (psdisc, if needed): connect, freeforall, ronly, select_catalog_role

    • psutst: connect, ronly, select_catalog_role

  • Send a request to for the NetID to be added to the and permits. 

  • Send a request to to assign the following roles and permissions to the NetID and Name:

    • psdev roles: hrpdev, marstech, ReportDistAdmin

    • psdev permissions: ppdev, allpanls, cuniv

    • psutst roles: hrpdev, marstech, ReportDistAdmin

    • psutst permissions: ppdev, ppmask, cuniv


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Monday, February 20, 2017 - 9:48am

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