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Audio/Video Production for Courses

Video and audio recording services for instructors.

Audio / Video services for courses include:

AV Event Support and Media Production Services
AV staff are available to record one-time events such as guest speakers, field trips and documentation of research.

Lecture Capture
There are different options for recording single lectures or entire courses. While there is overlap with the features, each option has an instructional purpose for which it is best suited.

Web Collaboration
Cornell's free web conferencing service, Zoom, provides on-demand, real-time, collaborative web meetings and conferencing. As part of Cornell's campus-wide license,  faculty, staff, and students can schedule meetings that anyone can participate or present in. Once the meeting has begun, hosting authority can be transferred to any participant.

Video and Multimedia for Courses
Cornell's Center for Teaching Innovation provides information on resources available to instructors.

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