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We are committed to providing the Cornell community with the tools they need to continue working at home. Many of our software contracts already provide Home Use rights; see the articles for each software product for more information.

We are working with other providers to increase...Read more

As you create a meeting invitation you are able to see whether others are free or busy, but you aren't able to see any other information about their schedule (such as the meeting title, who is invited, or where it's taking place).

But if someone has chosen to...Read more

By default, everyone who has a Cornell Exchange account has limited access to your calendar. As they create a meeting invitation, they will be able to see (on the Scheduling Assistant tab) whether you are free or busy, but they won't be able to see any other information about your schedule (...Read more

Voice Mail (AUDIX) Voice Mail Service Monthly Charge Audix Mailbox $2.20 Audix Light $0.70 Audix Bulletin Board $4.30 Auto Attendant $7.25 Audix Attendant Leg $1.40 Voice Mail (AUDIX) Service Add One-time Charge OCC/Audix...Read more

Rate change information for FY17 for the following services: Shared File Services, Desktop Everywhere, Endpoint Management Tools, Managed AV, Custom Web Development, Voice and Data.Read more