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In order to receive reboot notification email messages for your Unix and/or Windows servers, you need to be listed as an Area Manager, Technical Contact or Watcher for each server.

To verify you are listed as a contact, complete the following steps.

Log into the SFInfo web site:...Read more

CIT uses Opsview to monitor all servers and attached services. The following conditions are monitored by default:

It's possible to request additional monitoring, for example, web traffic for a web server. Disk space Server down Networking CPU utilization Paging file utilization Physical...Read more

Important : If there is an issue with your server or services on it, On-Call contact information is essential. The IT Service Desk can't contact you without this.

If you need assistance with contact information for on-call lists, send email to...Read more

What to use a share for? Files you want to share within your department or with other departments at the University. To store University (mission data) in a safe/secure central location. “Low Velocity” data: data which undergoes less than a 20% daily change rate, i.e. Microsoft Office documents,...Read more

If you have questions about using a share, consult:

This web site. Your school or department Service Center. Your Administrative Contact for the share. Where to Get Support For help using the service or to report service disruptions: contact the IT...Read more