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Longview BMT is a budget management tool used at Cornell by finance staff with budget responsibilities. It is used to develop the operating, trustee, and capital budgets.

Longview BMT is used for development, analysis, and forecasting of the operating, trustee, and capital budgets at...Read more

Things to Think About Before Submitting a Trouble Ticket Check to make sure the display is on and correct input is selected. Check to see if any cables (within easy view/access) are disconnected. Verify with the local content creator to make sure no planned content change has occurred. Note...Read more

Each digital sign has a layout assigned to it. The layout determines the number and location of:

Content blocks (to display playlists) Ticker blocks (to display crawl lists)

See the layout example below. Each channel player is assigned up to 6 Playlists and/or 4 Crawllists,...Read more

Using CUView's Online Help

Click the Help button in the top right corner of AxisTV to look up more information about how to use AxisTV. Note, if the AxisTV Help pages don't open correctly, try opening them in a different browser. ( ...Read more

Use Now Playing , in the left navigation, to organize your play/crawl lists, so that content displays in the order you prefer.

Manage Playlists To manage the playlist (change the order, schedule, etc.), in the menu at the left of the screen, click Now Playing , then click Play Lists ...Read more

If you have a ticker block on your digital sign, you'll need to create tickers to display. Tickers are organized into crawl lists. Scheduling options for crawl lists control how often each ticker changes, when it is displayed, the order, etc.

Click Create , then Ticker , then click the...Read more

Posting a web page allows you to show web calendars, your department's web site, or any other web page with information you want to display. One benefit to using web bulletins is that once a page is posted, you can update and change information on the web page, thereby updating your digital...Read more

To create text bulletins in CUView:

Click Create and then click either Text Bulletin or Text Bulletin with Title .
A Text Bulletin displays all of the text in one style (font, size, color).
A Text Bulletin with Title allows you to include two sets of...Read more