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The Managed Servers service provides fully managed virtual and physical machines in a high-availability, state-of-the-art data center. Servers are managed and backed up, and have full emergency power. CIT's Systems...Read more

Snapshots are “point-in-time” versions of data stored on the share. Snapshots enable access and restoration of old versions of files. This is useful in the event of accidental deletion of a file or for reverting to an older copy of a set of files. Snapshots are the only way a file may be...Read more

AT&T is phasing out use of its corporate calling cards, and Cornell University is no longer issuing new corporate calling cards for faculty, as mentioned previously. The phase-out began May 1, 2015.

For current corporate calling card holders, effective May 1, 2015. AT&T will no...Read more

What to use a share for? Files you want to share within your department or with other departments at the University. To store University (mission data) in a safe/secure central location. “Low Velocity” data: data which undergoes less than a 20% daily change rate, i.e. Microsoft Office documents,...Read more

If you have questions about using a share, consult:

This web site. Your school or department Service Center. Your Administrative Contact for the share. Where to Get Support For help using the service or to report service disruptions: contact the IT...Read more
Rates for FY17, effective July 1, 2016 .
These rates are 20% lower than FY16. Capacity Non-Replicated Replicated 150 GB $6 $12 500 GB $20 $40 1000 GB $40 $80 Multiples of 500 GB Add $20 per 500 GB Add $40 per 500 GB An offsite Disaster Recovery copy of data stored on SFS is...Read more