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LinkedIn Learning Featured Training

Current Cornell faculty, students, and staff have access to free online training and development with LinkedIn Learning.

Learn Digital Marketing and Strategy with LinkedIn Learning

Whether you’re a marketer or not, understanding the digital realm and how to best communicate your brand’s values is of utmost importance.

Course: Unlock the power of a written marketing plan

This course helps anyone—from marketing professionals to small business owners—write effective marketing plans.

Course: The opportunity of digital disruption

This course examines how digitization reshapes the opportunities and threats facing companies—and how you can harness the power of digitization to win.

Course: Make social media more effective for your business

Learn a three-step recipe for optimizing your social media marketing mix. Get a fresh perspective on your content, your choice of platform, and your strategy.

Course: Connecting with customers online

Learn how to promote your business effectively online and develop a targeted online marketing strategy that engages potential customers throughout the digital landscape.

Current Cornell faculty, students, and staff have free, unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning's online library of high-quality videos on the latest software tools and skills. When signing in, use your NetID and password. Get started with LinkedIn Learning.

Skillsoft Featured Training

Current Cornell faculty, students, and staff have access to free online training with Skillsoft at

Learn to Work on a Team

Success in an organization starts with effective teamwork. Adopt a positive, proactive approach and maximize your role in helping the team achieve its goals. Explore all of this and more to help create the most productive team in your workplace.

Course: Contributing as a Virtual Team Member

You never know when you’ll have to work remotely – learn how to have a positive impact on your team while staying connected virtually.  

Book: Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apart

What separates groups that simply get by together from those that get better together? This book will teach you how the best teams can actually be the sum of their parts.

Learning path: Optimizing Performance on a Team

This path will equip you with the approach, strategies, and skills to excel as a member of a team. These skills include communication, receiving feedback, and much more.

Book: Divide or Conquer: How Great Teams Turn Conflict into Strength

This book addresses key questions about the nature of professional relationships, how companies are inevitably shaped by positive and negative relationships between colleagues, and how to build strong and flexible working relationships.

Skillsoft engages learners with interactive courses, enlightening videos, digital books, and practical simulations. Enjoy. Access Skillsoft with your Cornell NetID and password.

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