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Linux Academy Free Online Training

Cornell staff and faculty are invited to this online training. Linux Academy offers 1,200 hours of video content as well as labs for hands-on training. Major training categories include:

  • Cloud Providers

    • AWS

    • Azure

    • Google Cloud Platform

  • Linux

  • DevOps

  • Containers

  • OpenStack

  • BigData

Linux Academy also offers training specifically designed to help you achieve various certificates (e.g.,AWS Certified Solutions Architect).

Cornell has a license for 40 training seats that we rotate among Cornell staff and faculty. After 3 months, we may need to rotate you out of your seat, when rotating we will prioritize by the date that each person last used Linux Academy.

We recommend that you take advantage of the free 7-day trial Linux Academy offers to individual users to see if you think Linux Academy will fit your learning style. If so, then request a seat from us.

Request a seat Featured Training

Cornell students, staff, and faculty have access to free online training via Collaboration is the staple of many people's work life. Learn how to build trust, lead productive meanings, and conflict resolution with

Course: Building Trust

Strengthen your relationships within the three circles of trust. Understand how to project verbal and non-verbal credibility.

Video: Co-creating a Solution

When having a difficult conversation with a colleague, how do you direct the conversation to induce collaboration? Learn more with this video.

Course: Leading Productive Meetings

From preparation before the meeting to leading one-on-one and virtual meetings, this course has you covered.

Video: Understanding Interpersonal Risks

Do you sometimes hold back on asking a question or raising an idea for fear of others' impression of you? Learn how to create a psychologically safe workspace for everyone to shine.

Cornell faculty, students, and staff have free, unlimited access to's online library of high-quality videos on the latest software tools and skills. When signing in use your NetID and password. Get started with

Skillsoft Featured Training

Cornell students, staff, and faculty have access to free online training via Skillsoft. Apply these user-centered design principles to a variety of platforms and help your product take off with these courses and books from Skillsoft.

Course: Internet of Things and UI/UX

What are some of the challenges and complications when applying design thinking to IoT? Learn effective practices in designing for IoT.

Book: Universal UX Design: Building Multicultural User Experience

For a uniquely branded product that travels well globally, multicultural UX is now a must. Learn the essentials with this book.

Course: Exploring Chatbots

Learn how to use chatbots effectively for your business and how to build them.

Book: Designing User Interfaces for an Aging Population

To build age-friendly applications, you'll need to keep in mind some characteristics of the older adult population.

Skillsoft engages learners with interactive courses, enlightening videos, and practical simulations. Enjoy. Access Skillsoft with your Cornell NetID and password.

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