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Use Siteimprove to Check Web Accessibility

This article applies to: Web Accessibility

Siteimprove is a full-featured web accessibility management service available to all Cornell faculty and staff at the main Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medicine, and Cornell Tech. The Siteimprove platform is a simple, powerful tool that evaluates how accessible your website is, and shows you how to make it better.

How to use Siteimprove

Siteimprove has a specific tool that will check the documents on your site for accessibility, including PDFs, word documents, excel, and PowerPoint files. Siteimprove is only a starting point for checking your documents for accessibility, but it can be helpful in locating all the documents on your site.  
When logging in to Siteimprove, click the Quality Assurance option on the left menu guide, then click Inventory, and then Documents. Here you are presented with a documents overview section that breaks out the types of documents that are on your site including, word docs, excel, PDF's, and more. Within this there is an 'internal' and 'external' column. Siteimprove will only scan the documents marked 'internal' for accessibility.  
In our article Internal vs. External in Siteimprove Inventory we mention that Siteimprove will only scan the documents on your site that match your domain that is set up in Siteimprove. 
However, by using the 'External' column on the Documents overview page in Siteimprove will allow you to still see what documents are not being scanned. If you would like to include them in an accessibility scan you can open a ticket with Siteimprove and they will work with you to try and get those documents included in the accessibility scan. There may be some side effects of including these documents, including the appearance of new pages with the different domain name being pulled into your Siteimprove account, but Siteimprove will work with you to fix these changes if they occur. 
Users can submit a ticket to Siteimprove by phone, email, or online form. 
Call Support: (855) 748-3467 
Email Support: 
Online Support: Submit a ticket 

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