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Take a look at some of the work we've done across campus. Custom Web Development can accommodate your project needs from large to small and anywhere in-between! 

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IT@Cornell Website:

The website you are currently viewing was developed by Custom Development in partnership with the IT Communications team. The new website features a modern design, enhanced search and easier access to information via knowledge base articles based on topics important to CIT service users. The goal of the website was to update the design and more easily bring IT services to the Cornell community. 

IT@Cornell Website Homepage

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Website:

Custom Web Development conducted a large scale User Experience Discovery, Design and Development of the CVM website. This site houses a wealth of content from education, hospitals, research and animal health information. The goal of the redesigned site was to move content management to the Drupal platform, provide a modern, Cornell branded design, streamline user tasks for numerous audiences and consolidate content to make information easier to find. Currently, the team is wrapping up Phase II of the project. 

Financial Guide:

The Cornell Financial Guide was developed by CWD in partnership with the Division of Financial Affairs. Its goal was to help communicate Cornell University's annual financial data through accessible language and charts. The website features a modern design and infographics throughout. Readers learn about the financial statements of the University and which ratios are important to us.

Financial Guide Website Homepage

Cornell Military Website:

The Cornell Military website features a one stop shop for military personnel at Cornell to find valuable resources in one place. Custom Web Development helped this group organize their content, created wireframes, designed and built the website using Wordpress


CUInfo was changed based on staff feedback to improve the page after the redesign. After conducting user research to understand staff needs in collaboration with University Relations, Custom Web Development redesigned the page and content. The page now includes: a link customization feature, imagery on the right side fed from the Cornell Instagram, News and Alerts, and a Feedback button. 

Division of Financial Affairs Website: 

Custom Web Development redesigned the DFA website starting with an information architecture discovery phase. The discovery phase consisted of meeting with the departments in DFA and proposing ways to consolidate their website’s content. After this phase, the website was designed and developed moving their website from Commonspot to Drupal. 

Human Resources Website: 

Cornell Human Resources worked with Custom Web Development on a large scale User Experience Discovery. This involved in-depth analysis of their primary audiences, competitive analysis, recommendations based on User Experience best practices, and Information Architecture to heavily consolidate their website content. Custom Web Development met with many departments in HR to present findings and gain agreement on the direction of the new website. The project ended with Custom Web Development conducting usability testing on designs prior to launch. 

Infrastructure Properties and Planning Website: 

Infrastructure Properties and Planning hired Custom Web Development to conduct a large scale User Experience and Content Strategy Discovery. In the past, their website was based around departmental structure which in user testing unveiled this was causing their numerous service offerings to be difficult to find. Through conducting user interviews, and testing information architecture, CWD helped IPP bring their website from a departmental based structure to a service based structure.

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