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Take a look at some of the work we've done across campus. Custom Development can accommodate your project needs from large to small and anywhere in between! 

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Experience Cornell

This website creates an innovative network of the student experience using a branded front-end and powerful CRM (customer relationship management) tools. As students navigate all that Cornell has to offer, data helps advisers engage, provide support and resources, and understand the impact these programs have on student success. Experience Cornell took top honors in the Education category during the International Splash Awards 2019 at DrupalCon Amsterdam in October 2019. The Splash Awards celebrate the best Drupal-based websites and applications from all over the world.

Experience Cornell website

McGovern Website

The McGovern Center was founded in 2008 as a startup incubator to help develop young Cornell life science companies.The center’s goal is to facilitate the forward progress of client companies to the point where each will merit significant outside investment and achieve self-sufficiency. It focuses on accelerating research and development of its client companies’ technology and products, validating its client companies’ business plans, and strengthening their management teams.

McGovern Website

BEST Website

Custom Web Developed redesigned the Careers Beyond Academia/BEST website. BEST is a department within the Graduate School that focuses on helping doctoral students and postdocs from all disciplines in their exploration of careers beyond academia. It is a Pantheon WordPress site based on the design of the CIRTL site.

BEST Website

Travel Registry Website

This website was re-implemented and enhanced in Drupal 8. It enables students, faculty, and staff to enter their Cornell travel information and allows Cornell’s Global Operations to fulfill the university’s duty of care for emergency notifications and approval of trips to high-risk locations by the International Travel Advisory and Response Team (ITART). The travel facilitator at Global Operations has a dashboard with views, filtering, and searching capabilities to see trip details and approve or deny ITART travel. The Travel Registry integrates with Google maps to obtain the latitude and longitude of the user's destinations, which is required for the integration with the International SOS Travel Tracker system. 

Travel Registry Website

International Services Website 

This redesigned website is part of the institutional identity structure under the Office of Global Learning, alongside the Education Abroad site. It provides critical resources for international students and visiting faculty and staff, as well as sponsoring parties. The website's audience-based "mega menu" guides users to material best suited to their needs. An emphasis on visual communication with pictograph icons, action steps, and expandable topics helps users easily navigate a large volume of information. The Get Advice and Alerts on the easily scannable homepage ensure that critical information and services are readily available.  

International Services Website

Academic Integration Website

This website is a new Drupal 8 site based on Custom Development's demo site. It showcases the collaborations between the Ithaca, Weill Cornell Medicine, and Cornell Tech campuses.

Academic Integration Website

Sustainable Campus News Enhancements

This website includes new tagging and date design styles for the "What's Happening Around Campus" dynamic blocks on every site page, new author (leveraging a taxonomy list for consistency) and date fields for News items, a revised design to display these fields on the listing page and item page, and a "Filter by Topic" function. It also includes a new Instagram module created by Custom Development that scrapes Instagram to ensure the spotlight item is kept updated.

Sustainable Campus Website

Office of Global Learning

This website is a new umbrella site for the Office of Global Learning. 

Office of Global Learning website

Cornell Hockey Association

This website was moved to WordPress and uses a Cornell-branded theme created for the CUBlog service as the base for the site’s design. The customer was able to benefit from the functionality options in WordPress while remaining in Cornell Hockey Association’s existing internally hosted server environment.  

Cornell Hockey Association's Webpage

Facilities and Campus Services

This website was a rebuild and upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. 

Facilities and campus services website.

Center for Health Equity Enhancements

This website moved a WordPress site from CampusPress to Pantheon to enable a broader scope of functionality and customizations for the growing site. Several enhancements were made, including design updates to the home page, enhancements to main menus and sidebar navigation, integration with events feeds, and incorporating news layouts and views.

Cornell Center for Health Equity website

The Cornell China Center

This website was built in Drupal with the goal to create an audience-focused website bridging the the hub center in China and the China at Cornell component so that users understand, and can easily navigate, these two types of content and activities. 

Cornell China Center website

Student and Campus Life

This website showcases the highlights and accomplishments of this large campus entity. Users can now easily find information about housing and dining on and off campus all in one site, as well as information about other departments in the unit. The social media integration allows for the aggregation of multiple units' accounts into one area, keeping the site fresh and up to date.

Student and Campus Life website

Cornell Graphics & Vision Group

This website was redesigned to incorporate the design elements of the Computing and Information Science branding. The site has two main elements – Papers and People. Papers allows for the linking of an individual publication and/or site, while tagging the authors with their bios, which are maintained in the People pages.

Cornell Graphics and Vision Group website

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