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Zoom Problem: You See Random Characters Instead of Your Name

This article applies to: Zoom

A known issue exists where a lengthy string (usually 30+ characters) of random letters, numbers, and characters will appear in the attendee list instead of a person's name. This can happen if you are not using the most recent version of the Zoom desktop app.

Run the Zoom app on your computer. The version number is shown on the sign in screen.

Or, if you are already in the Zoom app, click your portrait at the right end of the app's toolbar, then select About Zoom.

If you see version 4.4.2 (52578.0415) or higher, you have a version where this problem should be fixed. (If you happen to look in the release notes, you'll see this written as 4.4.52578.0415.)

If you see a lower version number, getting the update should fix the problem. However...

  • If your computer is part of a managed environment, you will not be able to update the application yourself. (In a managed environment, updates are rolled out by technical support. You will see, from time to time, messages that your computer needs to restart or apps need to be updated. If you are not sure, check with your local technical support.) If you are in a managed environment, tell your local technical support staff about the problem and direct them to this page.
  • If your computer is NOT part of a managed environment (see above paragraph for what that means), you can update the app yourself. Click your portrait at the right end of the app's toolbar, then select Check for Updates and follow the on-screen instructions to install. Exit and restart Zoom.

If you have the most recent version installed and the problem persists,  please contact the IT Service Desk to be walked through a workaround procedure.

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