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Zoom Issue: Registration Data or Reports Lost Following Changes to Registration Settings

This article applies to: Zoom

Avoid Making Changes to Registration Options

Hosts of Zoom meetings or webinars should be aware that when they make changes to the registration options for a meeting or webinar, previous attendee registration data and reports for the event will be lost.

For this reason, Zoom hosts are advised not to make changes to event registration settings if they plan to run reports on attendees and attendance. Lost data can include details about attendees and polling responses collected during registration.

Changes made to other details about an event, including date, time, and non-registration related security options, will not affect the session’s data and reports.

What to Do If You Encounter the Issue

If you have made changes to your registration settings and discover that you have lost previous registration data and reports, try the following:

  1. First, generate and save any registration data and reports that you can still access, which will reflect information about attendees collected after you made changes to the registration settings. Download the reports.
  2. Then, try to revert the registration settings to their original values. In some cases, this may restore access to the data lost when you made the change. However, be aware that reverting settings may cause you to lose registration and polling data entered after you made the original changes. Download the reports.
  3. Manually combine the reports from before and after the registration changes.

Again, to avoid having to take these steps, event hosts are advised not to make changes to meeting or webinar's registration settings unless they understand that this can cause a loss of registration data and reports.

About Requiring Registration

Requiring registration for a Zoom event provides additional security in addition to allowing the collection of information about attendees who register. Registration can be enabled during the scheduling of an event by clicking the Required checkbox to the right of Registration.

Once the event has been scheduled, open the event details in Zoom and use the settings found in the Registration, Email Settings, Branding, and Polls tabs at the bottom, to set up the registration process.

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