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Wireless Printers, Desktop Computers, and the Wi-Fi Network

This article applies to: Wi-Fi

Wireless Printer

Some otherwise useful technologies don't function well in Cornell's residence halls, academic buildings, and administrative offices. With many people in close proximity, these devices tend to interfere with one another. We ask that you do not use your printer in wireless mode. Most wireless printers can also be used with a wired connection to your computer. That's okay. For information see Technologies Unsuitable for the Campus Network.

Desktop Computer 

Yes. However, CIT recommends that you use the wired network for your desktop computer because your connection will be faster and more secure.

On the Wi-Fi network, the top connection speed will be significantly lower than the wired network and is affected by several factors, including the number of people connected to the same access point. 

Device without a Browser 

Yes. You'll need to register your device.

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