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Notice That I Authenticated a Device on the Network and I Didn't Register a Device

All devices connected to the Cornell network must be registered. 

This article applies to: Wi-Fi, Wired Network

When you first connect a device to the network using your NetID, the device is registered to you and you receive an email confirming the registration. You may receive an unexpected registration notice if:

  • you use someone else's device that has not been registered on the network and register the device using your NetID.
  • you register a device using the device's wired connection and have not registered the device's wireless interface. The first time you switch to wireless and connect to Wi-Fi, the device will be registered to you when you login with your NetID.

To check your device registrations, go to the My Computers page. If a device on the list is not yours, delete the device from the list.

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