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CUWebLogin/CUWebAuth Retirement

This article applies to: WebSSO

The information on this page is of interest to owners of services that require their users to authenticate through Cornell Single Sign-On.

As part of the WebSSO Modernization effort, CIT is asking website administrators who currently use CUWebAuth to convert to using SAML/Shibboleth instead, so that CUWebAuth and CUWebLogin can be retired. Any SAML SP should work, but CIT's recommendation is to use the Shibboleth Service Provider (SP), and support efforts will focus on that implementation.


October 31, 2020

New CUWebAuth integrations will no longer be available. If you are setting up a new website, please set it up to use SAML/Shibboleth instead of using CUWebAuth.

September 30, 2021

CUWebAuth and CUWebLogin will be retired; all services must be converted to SAML/Shibboleth before this date.

Instructions and Documentation


Please consult the instructions and documentation above. You may contact the IT Service Desk for general information. If you are having trouble with your migration, please contact Identity Management.

CIT recently created an e-list: It will be used for

  • peer support among the people who install and admin Shibboleth
  • informal support from CIT
  • important announcements related to the Shibboleth service at Cornell (new versions, changes to the service, etc.)

To join the list, send an email to with the word join as the subject line. Leave the body of the message blank.

Feature Gaps

For the most part, conversion from CUWebAuth to the Shibboleth SP is fairly straightforward. But there are some narrow use cases in which special features of CUWebAuth cannot be replicated using the Shibboleth SP. In these cases, the conversion will be more involved because some other solution will have to be found. If you are using one of the following features, please contact Identity Management to discuss options.

Does My Website Need to Be Migrated?

CIT maintains a list of websites that still need to be migrated.

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