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Trim a Video

How to trim a video, tips for trimming videos with slides, and how to restore an accidentally deleted slide.

This article applies to: Video on Demand

Trim a Video

  1. Log in to Video On Demand.
  2. Go to My Media.
  3. In your My Media list, find the video you wish to trim.  Click Edit.
    Picture of a video in My Media list with Edit icon highlighted
  4. Select Trim Video.

Tips for Trimming Videos with Slides

If you trim a presentation with slides in VOD, you must move the first slide beyond the Set Starting Point, otherwise the slide will be deleted and the content channel will appear black until the next slide change.

To move the slides you don’t want to risk deleting

  1. Click the Timeline tab. Slides appear on the bottom of the timeline with a page symbol.
  2. Drag the slide beyond where you plan to start the video.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Select Trim Video.
  5. Set your starting point. You will be alerted that your media is processing.
  6. After the video has finished processing, select Timeline.
  7. Move the first slide to the start of your video.

Restore a Deleted Slide

If the slide was deleted, the slide can be re-inserted if you have the original media.

  1. Locate the image file on your desktop.
  2. Select Timeline.
  3. Select the timecode where you want to slide to appear, and click Create New Slide to the left of the timeline.
  4. The Upload Slide options will appear at the bottom of the screen. Upload the slide and fill out any relevant information.
  5. Click Save

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