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Get Started with Two-Step Login

How to set up Two-Step Login for the first time

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First Time Setup for Two-Step Login

  • If you need information about the many types of devices you can use with Two-Step Login, you can explore device options, then return here to enroll your chosen device(s).
  • If you have already selected your authentication device(s), continue with these instructions.

Optional: preview Duo Security's step-by-step instructions for enrolling a device, view the Two-Step Login Setup Guide, or a recorded training video.

  1. Create your account by signing in at Manage Your Two-Step Login
  2. Log in with your NetID and Password.

  3. Select Start Enrolling Devices Now.

    Picture of Button for Start Enrolling Devices Now
  4. To enroll your first device, select Start setup.
    NOTE: If you have already enrolled a device you will need to select Manage Devices and will be prompted for Two-Step Login.

    Picture of the Start Setup button
    • You will be guided through the setup process.  Screenshots of each step are available from Duo Security and in the Two-Step Login Setup Guide

    • Start with the device you plan to use most often with Two-Step Login.

    • The device can be a smartphone, cell phone, tablet, U2F Security key, or landline phone (office, home, etc.). 

    • You will be asked to enter what type of device you are enrolling and, when applicable, the associated phone number.

    • If you are enrolling a smartphone or tablet, you will be prompted to install and activate the Duo Mobile app.

    • For a U2F security key, insert your key in a USB port on your computer.  When prompted, touch the flashing key icon on the UF2 security key.
    • For Touch ID, use a fingerprint reader with MacOS and Chrome. Learn more about Using Apple Touch ID with Duo.
  5. Select Add another device to enroll at least one more device.

    • Adding a second device is strongly recommended in case the device you usually use is unavailable, lost, or stolen.

    • Enroll your office phone and, if you have one, your home landline phone.  These are good backup options.

    • You can also return later to Manage Your Two-Step Login to enroll more devices.

Continue Using Two-Step Login

Duo Universal Prompt showing authentication method, device sent to, Other options link, and Trust browser checkbox

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