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Reserve the Maple Training Lab

The IT Training Lab within 120 Maple Ave. can be utilized by any CU department for training purposes.

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The IT Training Lab is comprised of 10 Dell laptops (plus instructor station) currently running Windows 10 and loaded with standard browsers, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc. Use of the room is free, however, additional costs may be incurred for special set up and resets.

To reserve the IT Training Lab, first look in Outlook Calendar 'Maple 120 150 Training Lab' to see if the room is available. Then simply add the room to your meeting. You will receive a 'tentative' response automatically followed by an 'accepted' response once the request is manually approved on our end. Normally, we will approve as long as the room is available.

By allowing the use of our training equipment by other departments on campus, we are able to help promote training where individual departmental funding of such equipment would be cost prohibitive.

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