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Secure Computers and Mobile Devices

The following is the recommended attestation text (found in the both types of the pre-built attestation survey templates). Also shown are examples of invitation text and reminder text for conducting a unit attestation. Invitation and reminder text will be sent by SRI for the Detailed Status...Read more

To aid in measuring progress and monitoring compliance, units may wish to consider asking their faculty and staff to complete an individual "Data Cleanup Attestation," stating that they have completed the requirements for an individual employee.

Cornell Information Technologies has...Read more

Federated login with Shibboleth has two major components: Identity Providers (IdP) which authenticate users and release selected information about them, and Service Providers (SP) which accept and process the user data before making access control decisions or passing the information to...Read more

Even if you practice perfect data hygiene and keep your computers clean of confidential data, viruses can still steal data while you are using it. You must also practice safe web browsing and keep your computer software up to date to minimize the chances of viruses being downloaded to your...Read more