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Viva Engage (formerly Yammer)

This article applies to: Microsoft Teams, Viva Engage

Community and Conversation

Viva Engage is the new name for Yammer.

Yammer lets you find people and conversations that match your interests and help you build connections. You can also show what you're working on and learn about others’ current projects. 

It facilitates sharing through:

  • Conversations  
  • Announcements  
  • Storylines  
  • Questions and answers  

Get Started

Log In

To sign in to the Cornell network in Yammer, sign in to Cornell Office 365.
Click the App Launcher icon in the upper left (it is made up of nine squares), select All apps, then Yammer. You may be asked to complete a profile or enter the email address of people to invite. These are both optional.

Navigating groups

Discussion in Yammer is frequently group-centered. Once you have signed into Yammer for the first time, you can see a list of groups you can view or join in the Cornell network.

If you join a group, from then on it will be displayed in list on the left side of the window when you are using Yammer. When there is new activity in a group, an indicator will let you know. 

Interact with Yammer through Outlook on the Web and Microsoft Teams 

If you use Outlook on the Web (,you can read and respond to Yammer posts directly from your email inbox. For more information, see Microsoft’s Work with Yammer from Outlook

You also have the option to install the Viva Engage in Microsoft Teams, providing you access to Yammer’s communities directly in Teams. install the Viva Engage app for Teams.

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