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TeamDynamix Steering Committee

This article applies to: TeamDynamix Transition

The TeamDynamix Steering Committee is comprised of three campus unit representatives, that includes a mix of academic and non-academic, who participate along with the representatives from CIT who own and manage the TeamDynamix software. 

The goals of the committee are to:

  • Set application configuration at a campus-wide level.
  • Set priorities for the balance of CIT business needs and that of the overall campus.
  • Consider both the customer's needs as well as that of the TSP's.

Committee members include:

  • Todd Maniscalco, Chair, CIT/Application Owner
  • Alysia Briggs, Representative, CIT/ITSM Program
  • JP Brannan, Representative, CIT/Application Manager
  • Ron Seccia, Representative, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Lisa Stensland, Representative, Alumni Affairs and Development
  • Mike Leiter, Representative, Johnson College of Business

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