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TeamDynamix Transition


TeamDynamix Transition

TeamDynamix was chosen as Cornell University's IT service management tool to help us deliver tangible outcomes for our community, by providing a platform that is easy to use, own, and operate.

CIT has made the decision, with input from both our IT and non-IT users, to transition from its current IT service management tool, Remedy, to a new product, TeamDynamix. In the years since Remedy was selected and implemented, more modern tools such as TeamDynamix have been developed that better meets the university's needs. 

The move to TeamDynamix will support these groups, and comes at the same time as CIT embarks on an effort to revisit IT service management. TeamDynamix will be our IT service management and ticketing tool. In an effort to better represent the needs of the Cornell IT community overall, we expect TeamDynamix to: 

  •  Provide a better self-service experience via web portals and web forms for Cornell and non-Cornell users. 

  • Provide a simple, streamlined user interface for all users, including end-users and technicians.  

  • Allow support organizations to easily assign and update ticket classifications. 

  • Use ticket data to provide KPIs and other metrics in a dashboard setting. 

  • Create automated multi-step ticket workflows. 

  • Improve the mobile experience for users through responsive application design. 

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