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In this course, participants will learn the features and functionality of the Windows 10 operating system for professional and personal use. This course is intended for computer users who want to use the basic tools and features of Windows 10.Read more
This session is intended to give participants an overview of the Skype for Business and Zoom communication tools. At the end of the session, participants will be able to evaluate when to use Skype for Business or Zoom to connect with others, including how to use the fundamental features in each...Read more
In this 4-hour class, you will learn how to create new documents, edit and format text, navigation techniques, and layout options. To register for this class, visit:;spf-url=common%2Fledetail%2Fcours000000000004186Read more
In this 4-hour workshop you will learn how to use Excel 2016 to utilize advanced filtering, pivot tables and charts, vlookup/hlookup functions and using named ranges to more accurately create multiple table references. To register for this class, visit: more
In this 4-hour workshop, you will learn to create workbooks, edit and format data, modify worksheets, use functions, and print documents. To register for this class, visit: more
Please join us to connect and learn at the BYOC (bring your own coffee) ITConnects event. We will provide the bagels and an opportunity to connect and network with your Cornell IT peers and learn from Ari Mack of Cornell’s Organizational and Workforce Development group as he presents on “Working...Read more

In this 4-hour workshop, you'll learn how to use Access 2016 to create tables and fields, and to query the database for specific information. This course introduces participants to the Access environment and provides a foundation in creating table structures. To register for this class, visit:...Read more

This course is designed to help individuals new to Drupal environment learn how to maintain an existing Drupal site from content to publishing. This course focuses on updating content, links, images and publishing your changes. This course is appropriate for new users of Drupal, who are making...Read more