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If you have a space (either personal or global) that is no longer active, follow this procedure to delete that space.

Before you delete a space, consider whether there is any content you may want to keep. If so, it would be wise to...Read more

You can export a Confluence space in a variety of formats, giving you a backup and/or versions you can access without logging in to Confluence.

Log into Confluence and view the space you want to export. In the bottom-left corner of the browser window, click ...Read more

Any regular system maintenance and server restarts will be scheduled weekdays between 5am and 7am and Sundays between 5am and 12pm. All users should be aware that the system may become unavailable during this maintenance time.Read more

Users who are designated as Space Administrators for a space have access to a number of functions that space users do not, including controlling access for the space and configuring a theme for the space. Space administration tools are located in Space Tools ...Read more

If you want to share a page link with viewers, consider using the Tiny Link for ease; a Tiny Link is a shortened version of a longer web address, which usually will not break lines when copy/pasting into an email message, etc.

For instructions on how to find and share your pages' Tiny...Read more