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Remediation Options: Identity Finder

After running a data discovery tool such as Identity Finder, the next step in the data discovery and clean up process is to decide how to handle each positive hit. Following is an explanation of common scenarios and the remediation options available in Identity Finder to handle each one.

Common Scenarios Remediation Name in
Id Finder(Windows / Mac)

File contains confidential data and is no longer necessary.

Permanently remove file in a manner that makes it impossible to recover.


File contains confidential data and must be retained. It will be stored either centrally, for example on a file server, or offline, for example on a CD-ROM.

Move file to a different location. Permanently remove original file.


File contains confidential data and must be retained in place. Encryption is desirable to protect against loss or disclosure. Replace file with encrypted version of the same. Secure
File contains confidential data and must be retained in place. The confidential data can be removed. Replace the confidential data with inert data. Scrub(Windows only)
File does not contain confidential data. (False positive.) Mark this version of the file exempt from scan. Ignore

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