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Checklist for Data Cleanup

Implementing a data cleanup process is more involved than just choosing the proper scan tool. Use the information in this section to help you prepare for data cleanup.

  • Sources of Confidential Data: In which roles and activities are people most likely to create or handle confidential data? Knowing how and where confidential data is found can help set priorities.
  • Data Handling Approaches: What are the options for storing confidential data? Strengths and weaknesses of each? Design practices to keep confidential data secure, taking into account data types, access needs, and storage options.
  • Cornell's Tool - Identity¬†Finder: Read about common scenarios and remediation options.
  • Locations to Search: What locations need to be scanned for confidential data? Tips for scanning external drives, thumb drives, network file shares, and other environments.
  • Scanning Email: What challenges does scanning email create?
  • Before You Scan: Checklist.
  • After You Scan: Checklist.
  • Confidential Data Types: What types of confidential data are the focus of the data cleanup effort? Get additional details about confidential data.
  • Encryption: What are the options for encryption? Strengths and challenges of each?

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