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Access a Subversion Repository - Overview

This article applies to: Subversion

Each TeamForge project can have one or more Subversion repositories associated with it. (How do I create a repository?)

Once a repository has been created, follow these steps to complete the initial setup:

Once you have completed these steps, your repository will be available to you whenever you use your Subversion client.

Notes on Subversion Clients

The Subversion repositories provided by TeamForge are standard Subversion repositories. You can use any Subversion client to work with your repositories.

Some recommendations:

  • If you prefer to work outside of an IDE with the Windows file manager, TortoiseSVN is a good choice.
  • The Eclipse IDE version supports the Subclipse plugin and a Desktop plugin that provides some value-added features (some features will not be available until the upcoming 5.x upgrade).

 These web pages describe how to use TortoiseSVN and Eclipse (with the Subclipse plugin).

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