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Book a Study Space

Use Cornell Chatter to book a study space on the Ithaca campus

This article applies to: Study Space at Cornell

Set your Outlook on the Web (OWA) to the time zone for New York (Eastern Time), otherwise, your reservation will occur at the wrong time. For instructions, see Set Time Zone.
  1. Log on to Cornell Chatter.
You can use Cornell Chatter on mobile. Learn how to download the app.
  1. Select Book a Study Space
  2. Under Select a Room Type, choose from the options below. For help with the room type, see choose a study seat or room.
    • Quiet space
    • Small Group Space (2-3 occupants)
    • Interactive Private Room (1 occupant)
    • Large Group Space (4-10 occupants)
  3. Under Select a Building, choose the building you want. (Not sure where a building is located? Use the link to the Campus Map in the study space app.) 
  4. Under Availability, choose the combination of available days/times that meet your needs.
  5. Under Room Attributes, choose the amenities that you will need (select all that apply)
  6. Select Search
  7. In the search results, under Space Name, find the room you want, and click the Book button. 
    The search dialog has many attributes to search by
  8. If you selected the "All Rooms" option on the search screen, select the room name or number under Select service.  If you selected a specific room from Search you will skip this step because the room will already be specified.
    Select the room number in the study space app

  9. Find the month you want and select a date. 

Currently, you can only make reservations 1 week (7 days) into the future. 
  1. Optional: Under Select Staff (optional), you may select a chair if you wish. Some chairs may have a writing space or computer. 

  2. Select an available time. If no times are available, choose a different room or date. 

To book a room for several hours, you need to make more than one reservation.

Select a date and time in the study space app

  1. Under Add your details, enter your Name and your Email

  2. Check the attestation box.

  3. Select Book.

Enter your name and email then select book in the study space app

You will receive a confirmation email. Save your email. This will be your ticket to use the space. You may be asked to show your confirmation email to use some spaces. 

Once you have made your reservation, learn more about what is expected of you when you book a study space and how to use the space.

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