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Customer Checklist

Minimum requirements to ensure contact, billing, and monitoring are set up on hosting service VMs

This article applies to: Static Web Hosting

Cornell Stack web servers are provided on dedicated virtual machines (VMs). The customer is the area manager in charge of that VM and is expected to complete the requirements below to ensure contact, billing, and monitoring are set up appropriately for their hosting services VM.

Join Required Mailing Lists

Join systems users email list and hosting email list. Joining both lists is required. You'll receive important (infrequent) announcements about your services via these lists.

Confirm the Account Number and Monthly Charge on Record

Create On-call Lists, Set Up Services, and Set Up Monitoring for Those Services

By default, you'll receive 5X9 server support for basic functionality.
To set up enhanced monitoring or 24x7 alert notifications, you must create an on-call list for the technical contacts for the server and services on it. This is only required if you want more than basic 5x9 support, but you must complete all three steps below to receive enhanced monitoring or alerts. An overview of the steps is available.

Confirm the Operating System Patching Schedule

Operating system (OS) patches are applied every six months. Services running on your VM will be down for a short time while the patch is applied. Review the patch schedule to be sure you understand when this outage will occur and make changes to the schedule, if necessary.

Note Your Support Contacts

If you have issues with your VM and you're unable to diagnose or access the dashboard to stop/start services, support is available:

  • During regular business hours: Contact the Web Services team at
  • Outside business hours: Call the IT Service Desk at 607-255-5500 and ask for Web Services on-call.
  • Note: A charge may apply. For more information about standard support services, see the Support page.

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