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Available Languages, Database Drivers, and Drupal Installation

Supported programming languages, available database drivers, and details about installing Drupal on a hosted site (Cornell Stack or Static Hosting). 

This article applies to: Static Web Hosting

Supported Programming Languages

ColdFusion, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Server Side Include, Java, CSS style sheet language, and XML markup language.

Database Drivers 

Oracle and MySQL database drivers support LAMP2/ColdFusion; LAMP2 also offers drivers for MSSQL.

Drupal Support

It is possible for you to install Drupal under the LAMP2 service, but customers are responsible for maintaining updates to the Drupal software. CWD also offers for-fee services to help with Drupal sites if needed. Requests can be sent to:

You may also want to explore the Acquia Drupal or Pantheon Drupal offering contracted through Cornell. See the Acquia page or the Pantheon page.

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