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Vendor Selection for Scheduling

CollegeNET 25Live has been selected as our new Academic and Event Scheduling (AES) vendor, as it met our comprehensive scheduling needs significantly better than its competitors. We are confident that this tool will serve as a university-wide integrated solution for our room scheduling needs. The vendor was selected after RFP responses were evaluated and finalists selected. Vendor demos were held in April, and a deep analysis and comparison of vendor tools was shared with AES stakeholders. A campus session was held in June with AES stakeholders to discuss the pros and cons of the finalists. CollegeNET 25Live was chosen because it:

  • meets academic scheduling needs significantly better than primary competitor (EMS);
  • meets event scheduling needs;
  • supports reporting needs;
  • demonstrated ability to serve as a university-wide integrated solution;
  • reputation for responsiveness and support;
  • many positive relevant peer references that use the product institution-wide;
  • user interface completely web-based;
  • and near real-time integration with PeopleSoft.

25Live is a web-based event scheduling, publishing, and accounting application. 25Live provides the convenience of web access, easy to use space and resource availability checking, and event request, scheduling, and editing capabilities, plus comprehensive data and security management and system configuration capabilities.

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