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Scheduling Project Timeline and Updates

In 2012-2013, a space study was conducted and four recommendations for space management technologies were suggested, including:

  • New Academic and Event Scheduling (AES) tool (replace R25)
  • New Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) (replace Facilities Inventory System)
  • Create a space data mart to enhance utilization analyses
  • Enhance analytics and reporting

In 2016, seed funding to create a Space Management Technologies Road Map was granted. The late President Garrett's survey to determine areas of administrative burden identified facilities inventory management and reservations as one of the top four areas for improvement.

The Academic and Event Scheduling system Scheduling@Cornell was launched in Spring 2020.

March 2021

The Academic and Event Scheduling team hosted Part Two of its previous 25Live Scheduler Refresher Session on March 2, 2021.

Topics included Spring 2021 functionality, updates, and 25Live scheduling demonstrations:

  • Scheduling in 25Live
    • Processes
    • Data updates
    • Documentation
  • 25Live improvements and changes
    • Scheduling events and classes
    • Event form basics
    • Event request processes

February 2021

The Academic and Event Scheduling team hosted a 25Live Scheduler Refresher Session on February 23, 2021.

Topics included Spring 2021 functionality, updates, and 25Live scheduling demonstrations:

  • Scheduling in 25Live
  • 25Live improvements and changes
  • Documentation and communication

January 2021

The Academic and Event Scheduling (AES) team hosted a Scheduling@Cornell Town Hall on January 21, 2021.

Topics included Spring 2021 planning and updates:

  • Timeline for reopening of Scheduling@Cornell
  • What’s new for AES
  • Scheduling framework for activities (e.g., classes, office hours, events, study space)
  • Upcoming training opportunities for 25Live®, the primary system for Scheduling@Cornell
  • Scheduling policy updates

February 2020

A Demonstration Day Town Hall was held on February 19, 2020, to introduce the Scheduling@Cornell system to those who request rooms on campus.

August 2019

Members of the Academic and Event Scheduling (AES) project team attended a CollegeNET conference in July. During the conference, team members learned about new features and functionality, discussed enhancement requests in one-on-one meetings with CollegeNET representatives, and networked with peer institutions to talk about best practices.

Additionally, the team has made good progress with the new Academic and Event Scheduling website and has begun entering content. Work continues on the user interface for event registration. Configuration testing for 25Live has begun, and the team is finalizing the deliverables from campus working groups.

June 2019

The Academic and Event Scheduling (AES) team hosted a Town Hall on May 1, 2019, that included a project update, a preview of the new scheduling website, and a demonstration of 25Live including a preview of the Pro version. Additionally, the community was able to vote on design samples of the prototype of the website.

A new go-live date has been established as of February 2020. This new date will allow us to embed the event registration process in the tool through a new user interface and allows for implementation and revisions of scheduling-related policies.

The new go-live date means that we'll also be able to develop more robust web content, like system documentation and training materials, as well as launch with the new version of 25Live Pro, which will provide a better user experience for schedulers. The new go-live date was also presented at the May Town Hall.

Individual working groups focusing on different areas continue to meet and make progress. These groups consist of those working on the best way to handle and implement policy changes, those working on the room exception process, and an intake group tasked with evaluating forms.

January 2019

The Academic and Event Scheduling (AES) team hosted a Town Hall on January 15, 2019, to talk about the next release of 25Live and an updated timeline. Additionally, the team addressed concerns that continue to be brought up over new room policies and the impact of the new system on the colleges and units. Many questions around what the system would be able to host, including AV equipment and requirements, and handling of costs associated with a room, were confirmed that the new system can accommodate.

The AES team also met with the Student Assembly to discuss how the new system would handle the event request process. The Student Assembly wanted to continue to be involved in the event request process discussions held on campus and were invited to attend the Event Request Town Hall scheduled for February. The AES team continues to host conversations around the event request process with stakeholders across campus.

December 2018

An updated go-live date of June 2019 has been determined for the Academic and Event Scheduling project. This will allow time to respond to student feedback on the event request process, the ability to roll out the new Event Request Form (ERF) at the beginning of the academic year, and time to deliver a more complete user interface for the ERF process. In addition, the project team has determined that the new ERF functionality should be released over the summer of 2019.

Lastly, This decision was evaluated based on the opportunity to review an upcoming release of 25Live that will include performance and stability enhancements, user interface enhancements, and time to evaluate new features and stability in the release.

The Academic and Event Scheduling (AES) team has continued to work with colleges and units to discuss the new AES system, including the different roles in the system and security groups. Concerns that continue to be raised are the volume of requests if all spaces are requestable; inappropriate use of space and the impact on unit finances; as well as the transition of college policies and prioritization practices. The AES team will continue to work with colleges and units to address concerns and needs, including a follow-up with college registrars.

October 2018

The Academic and Event Scheduling (AES) team pursued ways to incorporate the Event Request Form (ERF) into the new scheduling system. On October 9, 2018, the AES team held a Town Hall for schedulers, requesters, facilities staff, and event request approvers to present the new ERF process. The proposed solution includes:

  • One website to meet most scheduling and ERF needs
  • The ability for EMPT approvers to view event details, approve or deny an event, and enter comments in 25Live
  • Express/walkup scheduling
  • Automated notifications and workflow tasks

Benefits of this approach:

  • Meets the functional goals and objectives for the Event Request
  • Streamlines current process
  • Uses 25Live functionality and avoids incurring technical debt
  • Provides an easier migration path for moving 100% of functionality into 25Live
  • 80% of requests will follow a simple two-step process

You can watch a video of the AES ERF Town Hall held on October 9, 2018.

Additionally, the AES team has finalized the list of spaces that will be scheduled in 25Live, integrated the Facilities Inventory System FY 2018 data and room survey data, and sent data templates to the colleges and units for review.

August 2018

During July and August 2018, the Academic and Event Scheduling (AES) team surveyed about 800 rooms on the Cornell campus. This was done to load updated and accurate information into the new room scheduling system. The AES team worked with colleges and units across campus in order to gain access to spaces and collect information. A number of building coordinators, facilities inventory contacts, and room schedulers were extremely helpful during this process. The team greatly appreciated all of the assistance, as well as the efforts of an efficient surveying team.

July 2018

In July 2018 the Academic and Event Scheduling (AES) team began the process of collecting space data. This involves gathering information about the features and equipment in instructional and event spaces. The team is engaged in the process to:

  • Communicate with colleges and units to identify and access spaces
  • Work in collaboration with the Facility Inventory editing annual update process
  • Inventory all instructional and event spaces so that space features and categories can be loaded into 25Live®

For more information visit the AES Space Data Survey page.

In addition, a Room Type Coding Information Session was held that focused on the room types that will be loaded into the new AES system, 25Live. For more information on that session, visit Presentations from Meetings and Town Halls.

June 2018

In June we held a Town Hall where we discussed Cornell’s new and updated space policies that are being used to shape the Scheduling and Space Inventory project. Final versions of three scheduling policies were presented, which were revised in response to feedback during our listening tour. Additionally, we have:

  • Clarified with colleges the room types to be included in 25Live®
  • Provided for phased implementation of outdoor spaces and non-institutional meeting rooms
  • Provided for phased implementation of teaching lab spaces
  • Provided for phased implementation of spaces in professional schools

You can watch a recording of the Space and Scheduling Policy Town Hall held in June 2018.

May 2018

A Listening Tour was undertaken for the Academic and Event Scheduling project from March-May 2018. Meetings were held with over 100 Academic and Event Scheduling stakeholders in the following units:

  • Alumni Affairs and Development
  • Architecture, Art, and Planning
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Bailey Hall
  • CALS (including Leadership, Food Science, BioTech, Animal Science, Cornell Botanical Gardens)
  • Campus Planning
  • CIT Computer Labs
  • College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Event Management and Planning Team
  • Human Ecology
  • Human Resources
  • ILR School and ILR Conference Center
  • College of Business
  • Law School

Additionally, the Academic and Event Scheduling project team has been working on data definitions, data collection, and configuring work that is critical to loading information into 25Live.

February 2018

In February, a three-day onsite workshop was held with consultants from CollegeNET. Interviews were conducted, system security was reviewed, data and configuration review began, and implementation planning and next steps were discussed.

January 2018

On Monday, January 22, 2018, at 11:00am in 226 Weill Hall, a discussion on Cornell’s current and planned space policies that are being used to shape the Scheduling and Space Inventory project was held for those interested. Listening Tours were announced for the coming months to gather feedback on Academic and Event Scheduling.

As part of the implementation of 25Live, Casey Washburn, Barbara Romano, and Anne Becker are holding a series of meetings with representatives from college/unit teams. These Listening Tours are designed for us to carefully listen to the challenges local units are having with scheduling, explore other unique solutions or techniques units have developed to manage space needs, and gather features/functionality that would add value to 25Live for you and the University as a whole.

The listening tours include:

  • 1/17/2018       Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • 1/30/2018       Human Ecology
  • 1/31/2018       Engineering
  • 2/14/2018       Agriculture and Life Sciences: data follow-up
  • 2/22/2018       Event Management Planning Team
  • 2/23/2018       Industrial and Labor Relations
  • 2/27/2018       Arts and Sciences
  • 3/12/2018       Law School and Botanic Gardens

  • 3/26/2018       CALS Departments

  • 3/28/2018       Architecture, Art, and Planning

  • 3/28/2018       Alumni Affairs and Development

  • 4/2/2018         Business

October 2017

Implementation of Phase I project kickoff meeting held. A Town Hall was also hosted for campus stakeholders to inform them on the selected vendor and to bring them up to date on where we are in the process of the project.

August 2017

Academic and Event Scheduling contract signed and a purchase order issued.

June 2017

Deep analysis and comparison of vendor tools were shared with Academic and Event Scheduling stakeholders. Project leadership for Academic and Event Scheduling came to a consensus on pursuing 25Live as the vendor for the project. This was presented to the Executive Sponsorship Committee and a formal reference check took place for CollegeNET.

April 2017

CollegeNET held 25Live vendor demos on campus.

March 2017

RFP for vendor proposals was received.

January 2017

EMS vendor demos held.

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