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AES Space Data Survey

In July 2018, the Academic and Event Scheduling (AES) team began the process of collecting space data. This involves gathering information about the features and equipment in instructional and event spaces. The team is engaged in the process to:

  • Communicate with colleges and units to identify and access spaces.
  • Work in collaboration with the Facilities Inventory annual update process.
  • Inventory all instructional and event spaces so that space features and categories can be loaded into 25LiveĀ®.

Collecting space data

With the goal of having a consistent process and reducing administrative burden, a small group of temporary employees has been hired and trained to survey the approximately 850 spaces that are expected to be scheduled in the new system when it goes live. However, the AES team will be reaching out to building coordinators, AV personnel, schedulers, and Facilities Inventory data experts for assistance. Specifically, the team will be seeking assistance to gain access to spaces, to lend support to surveyors whenever possible, and to confirm space features and equipment information.

Surveyors will have identification, along with information about the survey project, when they are out on campus. The survey will be coordinated and managed by Joseph Cannella and JeeEun Lee.

Information on the space data being collected

Complete and accurate space information is critical for effective scheduling. The team is conducting a thorough inventory of space information to make it easier for room requesters and schedulers to find an appropriate space for an event or class.

The vendor-recommended best practice is to load as much space information as possible to set up the software. Given the phased implementation of the project, labs and professional school spaces will be inventoried at a later stage unless requested by the college or unit.

The primary type of data being collected are features or those items found in the room that are rarely moved from the room. Examples of space feature information include whether the room has windows, data projectors, dimmable lighting, a piano, a chalkboard or whiteboard, furnishings, seating, etc.

Data collection start date

The survey is scheduled to begin Monday, July 16, 2018, at 9:00am. A plan is being developed to visit buildings across campus, region by region, in the most efficient manner possible. Building coordinators will be contacted in advance of any visit.

Estimated data collection survey time

Given the number of spaces, the volume of data points about the spaces, and the logistical challenges of gaining access to spaces with as little disruption as possible, we are expecting the process to take at least two months. We will revise this estimate as we gain more information about the rate at which the work is progressing.

Space information changes

In order to ensure effective scheduling into the future, maintaining accurate space information is critical. The team is investigating options to facilitate the communication of space information changes and will be reaching out to units for consultation and feedback.

Contact information

If you have questions about the survey or survey process, please contact Joseph Cannella, Assistant Registrar for Curriculum and Scheduling. For general questions about the Academic and Event Scheduling project, feel free to contact the project team at

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