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Academic and Event Scheduling Project Information

The proposed academic and events scheduling solution, 25Live, will enable enhanced scheduling of space for both classes and events, including an enhanced user experience with a more embedded workflow. The solution supports automation of related processes, integrations with related University data systems and robust analyctic and reporting functionality. Once implemented this solution, along with endorsed policy and practice improvements, will:

  • Reduce the need for duplication of data and "shadow" systems;
  • Streamline associated business processes;
  • Improve accuracy and consistency of data across multiple systems;
  • Improve the development and repeatability of metrics, and
  • Improve user adoption of the improved system. 

The implementation responds to administrative streamlining suggestions from across the campus, submitted to former President Garrett's call for submissions, that resulted in identifying improved scheduling and related event management as a top issue for the University. Full implementation will ultimately result in faster and more universal access to aligned data to support informed space management decision-making and therefore increase the ability to dirve space-related strategic decision-making throughout the entire organization.  

The implementation goal for academic scheduling goal is Fall 2019.

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