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Gurobi Optimizer Licensing

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Gurobi Optimizer is a state-of-the-art solver for mathematical programming. It includes programming solvers for many types of mathematical models, including linear, quadratic, mixed-integer, and constrained functions.

Students, staff, and faculty of Cornell University are eligible to use Gurobi Optimizer under academic licensing at no cost. 

You will need to register your Cornell e-mail address with the vendor to get access to the software. When you register your e-mail address with the vendor, please be sure to use a different password than the one you use to send and receive Cornell e-mail.

More information about the Gurobi Optimizer Academic License, including a link to register to download the software, can be found at:

Academic licensing grants the software for educational and instructional use only. Any use of the software for administrative or research purposes does require a paid license. 


CU Software does not manage a license for this product, and cannot provide support.
If you have any questions about Gurobi Optimizer or need assistance downloading or installing the software, please contact the vendor at:

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