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Features Available with Skype Commercial Contacts

Features and limitations when communicating with Skype Commercial (free version; also known as Skype for Consumer) or Skype Meetings contacts from a Skype for Business (Windows) account.

This article applies to: Skype for Business (Windows)

When you contact people who use Skype Commercial (free version; also known as Skype for Consumer) or Skype Meetings (small business version), some but not all features are supported by Microsoft.

Skype for Business for Mac does NOT have the ability to search for and communicate with Skype or Lync users.

How to add a Skype Commercial contact using Skype for Business (Windows).

Available with Skype

Not Available with Skype

  • Voice calls

  • Video calls

  • Person-to-person instant messaging

  • Presence

  • Multi-party IM conversations

  • Audio and video conversations with three or more people, or joining a Skype for Business Meeting

  • Desktop and program sharing

How are Skype Commercial contacts different from Skype for Business contacts?

Skype for Business is used by organizations to enable their employees to collaborate, meet, and share. Skype Commercial users can connect with Skype for Business users but aren't able to use the following Skype for Business features:

  • Skype for Business meetings or conferencing services

  • Group audio calls

  • Whiteboard (a collaboration tool used during Skype for Business meetings)

  • Desktop and program sharing, including presenting PowerPoint slide shows

  • File transfer (such as Excel, Word, or PowerPoint files)

TIP: Invited meeting guests who don't have Skype for Business can join the meeting by using the Skype for Business Web App.

Additionally, Skype users cannot use the Skype directory to find Skype for Business contacts, because Skype for Business users are not listed there. A Skype user who wants to add a Skype for Business user to his or her list of contacts must create the contact using the full email address of the Skype for Business user, such as

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