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Frequently Asked Questions (Skype for Business)

Answering usage questions about Skype for Business

Can I Restrict Access to my Skype for Business Meetings with a Password?

No, but there's a similar option. Skype for Business meetings you schedule are not publicly listed, so normally only people you send an invite to will have the link to join your meeting. If you'd like to further restrict access, it offers a "lobby" feature that places attendees who join your meeting into a holding area until you admit them to the meeting.

Can I Record my Skype for Business Meetings?

Skype for Business (Windows) users can record their meetings. This only applies to actual meetings (audio and video calls are not recorded unless they are part of a Skype for Business meeting). Recordings are saved locally to your computer. Recordings are not available on the Mac version.

Can I Invite People to a Skype for Business Meeting Even if They Aren't Using Skype?

Yes. Microsoft offers a Skype for Business web application that allows people to join a meeting via a web browser. The web application requires installing a browser plug-in for the best experience and fullest functionality via the browser.

Can I use Skype for Business to Call Someone on their Telephone?


Does Skype for Business Integrate with Other Microsoft Office applications?

Yes, Skype works with other Microsoft Office applications to allow cross-application integration, feature access, presence visibility, and scheduling. Not all integration features work with the Mac version.

Can I Schedule a Skype for Business Meeting from Within Outlook Calendar?

Yes, this is an example of how Skype for Business integrates with other Microsoft Office applications.

Can I Use Skype for Business to Communicate with Skype Users Outside of Cornell?

Yes, we have enabled federation to allow Skype for Business to communicate with Skype and external Skype for Business users.  

Can I Make Video Calls with Skype Users?


When Will the Mac Version Have the Same Features Available for Skype for Business for Windows?

While the Mac version has most of the same features as the Windows version, some features like presence syncing with calendar and recording are still missing. Given that Microsoft has announced that Skype for Business is beginning an end of life process, the addition of these feature is not expected. Mac users may want to compare Zoom web conferencing to see if it better meets your needs.

Can I Access Skype Using an Exchange Group Account (EGA) Identity or Login?

No, you need to log in with your personal and password. We have received requests from the Cornell community about the possibility of CIT offering a Skype for Business account that is associated with a group of users or a function, rather than with a single individual. Such a capability would provide a very clear benefit to the campus units that have shared their use cases with us. However, this feature is not currently available in Skype for Business Online, the version delivered with Office 365. 

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