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Storage & Backups

Cornell's Strategic Storage Initiative was prompted by Google's and Box's 2021 announcements that they were ending unlimited storage. The effort is managed by CIT and works in partnership with a campus advisory group and the...Read more

If you would like cloud document storage integrated with familiar Office apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and ready to be accessed by communication tools like Outlook email and Teams chat, Microsoft offers choices. The one that's right for you depends on your sharing needs:...Read more

OneDrive, part of your Cornell faculty, student, or staff Microsoft account, provides cloud storage for all your important documents, connected with the Microsoft apps many of us use every day. Your files are protected from the risk of damage to your devices, and they’re available anytime...Read more

The Data Storage Finder is a self-service, interactive tool to select storage services based on features important to you. Choose just those you want to learn more about, or explore and compare them all, in one easy-to-use webpage....Read more