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Storage & Backups

The Data Storage Finder is a self-service, interactive tool to select storage services based on features important to you. Choose just those you want to learn more about, or explore and compare them all, in one easy-to-use webpage....Read more

Code42 Enterprise (formerly known as CrashPlan), from Code42 Software, is being rolled out as a replacement for the current EZ-Backup service. (Server backup will continue to use the current product.) We are currently in a testing and pilot phase.

Do not attempt to install Code42 until...Read more

The Storage Farm is a centrally managed pool of disk space shared among all storage farm servers. (The storage is always growing.) The storage farm is typically accessed via Storage Area Network (SAN) technology. The storage farm service achieves economies of scale by purchasing storage in...Read more

Standard Service for Colocated Servers in the Data Center includes: Managed Systems: 24-hour system monitoring, basic level troubleshooting, system rebooting, and System Administrator notification as needed Network connectivity Environmental systems (cooling,...Read more

EZ-Backup is a fee-based, automated, remote backup/archive/storage service that will automatically back up your computer or server files, and allow you to restore them yourself.

EZ-Backup is available to faculty and staff.

EZ-Backup currently backs up over 3,900 computers and...Read more