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From an end-user's perspective, CUWebLogin is how you sign in to Cornell services and Azure Authentication is how you sign in to Cornell-provided Microsoft services.

For the technical audience, Shibboleth is the implementation Cornell uses to manage Single Sign-On.

Azure...Read more

Quest ARS upgrade to version 7.3 has been rescheduled for January 30, 2021. This will bring the system, currently running version 6.9, up to version 7.3. This change may require administrators and users to take action to maintain compatibility with the new version.Read more

On Thursday, December 31, 2020, Adobe Flash Player will reach “End of Life” (EOL) status. This means the program will no longer be distributed, supported, or updated by Adobe. The lack of available security updates after the EOL date means that continued use of Flash Player would not only pose...Read more