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Email & Calendar

Gmail is the university's default email system for students. It is a cloud-based service that provides email, built-in instant messaging (including voice and video chat), mobile access, spam and virus protection.

Faculty, staff, and postdocs are initially set up with...Read more
Your Email Address

When you join the university, you will receive a NetID . Your email address will then be: (YourNetID) . For example, Clarence Darrow receives the NetID cd404 . Clarence's email address will be . Faculty and...Read more

On October 1, 2022, Microsoft will permanently disable Basic Authentication (“Basic Auth”) for Exchange email tenants. Basic Auth is an outdated authentication standard that allows users to connect to their mailbox using only a username and password and its continued use poses serious security...Read more

AppSMTP is an email routing service for computer hosts, network devices, scanners, and applications such as web sites that need to send email to Cornell and external recipients.

While the previous version of this service allowed you to send from any host without any configuration, ...Read more