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Audio & Video

CIT's Audio-visual (AV) Installation service installs AV technology into conference rooms, offices, classrooms, auditoria, and other spaces on campus. In learning spaces, this technology enables in-person instruction, hybrid modalities, and remote presenters and participants. Out of the...Read more

Cornell's Video Platform Service (VPS) is a centrally-provided system for university departments and groups to store, archive, catalog, and publish large numbers of videos and other media collections for the web.Read more

Faculty and staff can use Video on Demand (VOD) to upload and publish a wide variety of digital video, audio, and image files that pertain to or support the mission of Cornell University, including content supporting the Cornell academic, research, and outreach missions or other official...Read more

This service enables instructor to use audio and video file in their teaching. Audio and video files are uploaded to a storage system via a Blackboard course, and the material is automatically compressed and linked....Read more

About CUView

CUView is a centrally supported digital signage service, which allows departments to display content on flat-panel monitors in locations of their choice. Digital signs are also used to display official bulletins, information, and instructions during campus emergencies, through an...Read more

DirecTV, an entertainment television service, is available over the network for departmental or institutional subscriptions.

This service, and support for the service, is provided by Campus Televideo.

Sign up for DirecTV by following the steps at...Read more

AV Infrastructure offerings support new and, in some cases, existing room technologies by bundling a data network infrastructure with AV remote management tools. This service is intended for both new construction and renovation of classrooms and conference rooms and for the migration of legacy...Read more