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Audio & Video

Skype is partially integrated with Outlook on the Web, allowing users to access a small number of Skype features. Features are limited and may also not reflect all changes and updates immediately for all appearances. For the best functionality, use the full Skype client. (...Read more

Skype for Business will no longer be supported by Microsoft as of July 31, 2021.

Microsoft Skype for Business is a unified communications tool for Cornell faculty, staff, and students. It provides

instant messaging presence (a combination of your availability and willingness to communicate...Read more

Event Technical Support and Media Production services meet the audio and video (AV) needs of instructors, researchers, and administrators by providing fee-based AV support tailored to their requirements. From presentation support to a fully managed AV environment, we have the staff, expertise,...Read more

Integrated AV Consulting provides the deliverables listed below for small AV projects. Depending on the need of the project, Integrated AV may broker external consultants for certain tasks. Integration is performed as a design-build under the...Read more

The Integrated AV service supports classrooms, conference rooms, auditoria, and other spaces on campus through standards development and application, vendor management, and an enterprise technology infrastructure and platform. Using a mix of FTE and external vendors, the service enables...Read more

Cornell's Video Platform Service (VPS) is a centrally-provided system for university departments and groups to store, archive, catalog, and publish large numbers of videos and other media collections for the web.Read more

Faculty and staff can use Video on Demand (VOD) to upload and publish a wide variety of digital video, audio, and image files that pertain to or support the mission of Cornell University, including content supporting the Cornell academic, research, and outreach missions or other official...Read more

This service enables instructor to use audio and video file in their teaching. Audio and video files are uploaded to a storage system via a Blackboard course, and the material is automatically compressed and linked....Read more

CUView has migrated to a new vendor, Appspace . Requests for new digital signage accounts and replacement of lost or failing channel players will be fulfilled using the new vendor. About CUView

CUView is a centrally supported digital...Read more