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Support Resources

Cornell offers on-site next-day or sooner warranty service on the Ithaca campus for Cornell‑owned Dell desktop and laptop computers under hardware warranty.

Location: 120 Maple Ave, Ithaca NY

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm...Read more

The IT Service Desk can answer your questions about Cornell's IT services, help you troubleshoot, report issues that you're seeing, and more.

Think a service might be broken? Check the IT Alerts page.

...Read more

Cornell IT organizations frequently supplement staff resources with vendors and consultants. Before vendors and consultants can begin work, they and their Cornell contacts need to work through a series of steps to arrange access to services and to ensure awareness of security procedures.Read more

Endpoint Management Tools helps IT staff automate the deployment and ongoing maintenance of software for desktops and laptops in compliance with university policy.

Units adopting this service can expect to increase the technician-to-workstation ratio over that achievable with local...Read more

We are committed to providing the Cornell community with the tools they need to continue working at home. Many of our software contracts already provide Home Use rights; see the articles for each software product for more information.

We are working with other providers to increase...Read more

BeyondTrust (formerly known as Bomgar) is Cornell's "Remote Assistance" tool. Remote assistance allows a Cornell technical support provider (TSP) to access an end-user's computer in order to resolve a problem without having to talk the user through often elaborate or confusing procedures on the...Read more


We develop and implement communication strategies and marketing campaigns for Cornell's information technology (IT) products, services, and initiatives to raise awareness, build buy-in, stimulate growth, modify behavior, guide...Read more

The Desktop Everywhere service has been retired effective June 1, 2019. After this date users will no longer be able to log in to the Desktop Everywhere environment.

If your Cornell responsibilities require use of a virtual desktop environment, CIT will work with you to identify an...Read more