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Protect University Data

Sending or otherwise making available, export-controlled information to a foreign national, either in or outside of the United States territory is an export. Similarly, storing export-controlled information on a cloud computing server or other third-party server that is located in a foreign...Read more

Cornell University proactively blocks Internet sites that pose a security threat to the university or the Cornell community. Websites are deemed a security threat when they host malicious software or scripts, or are used to try to steal Cornell login information or passwords.

The...Read more

What are cloud services?

Cloud services are easy to recognize. They...

aren't installed on your computer--you usually connect to them via a web browser. keep your data with the service--not on your computer--so you don't have to worry about backing it up, losing it, or moving it when you...Read more

IT staff are responsible for complying with the Cornell University Uniform Information and Confidentiality Annual agreement included in Policy 4.12, Data Stewardship and Custodianship:

Cornell University Policy 4.12, Data Stewardship and Custodianship
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Use Workday to Complete Your Annual Attestation

By clicking “I Agree” in Workday, you are acknowledging that you are bound by university policies as well as applicable federal, state, and local laws. You understand that a violation of these policies or laws could result in disciplinary action...Read more

Whenever possible, we recommend not storing confidential data on your computer. If you have a need to store confidential information on your computer temporarily, consult with your technical support team. You must:...Read more